Moby announces new album ‘All Visible Objects’ and shares new track

100 percent of profits from the record will go to charity

Moby has announced details of his album ‘All Visible Objects’, his upcoming seventeenth studio effort.

The latest record from the influential DJ and producer arrives on March 6 via Mute. The first track from the album – ‘Power is Taken’ – is out now. Check it out in full below.

Moby has also confirmed that 100 per cent of profits from the record will go to charity, with each individual track raising funds for a different cause. They include environmental organisations such as Extinction Rebellion, Brighter Green, the Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion and animal welfare groups such as Mercy for Animals, Animal Equality, the Humane League, and the International Anti-Poaching.


Other beneficiaries include The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Physicians Committee, the Good Food Institute, and the Indivisible Project.

Moby’s commitment to animal rights on the album comes only months after he debuted a huge tattoo of the words ‘Animal Rights’ across his arms.

The musician and producer, who has been a vegan for the past 32 years, also revealed his bold ‘Vegan For Life’ neck inking back in September.

Moby’s tattoos followed the opening of his own vegan eatery in Los Angeles back in 2015. His Little Pine restaurant is located in the Silver Lake neighbourhood and serves a selection of Mediterranean-inspired vegan dishes.


In early 2019, Moby cancelled his UK book tour after he was branded “creepy” for claiming that he once dated Natalie Portman, a claim that Portman denies.

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