Moby recalls time Aphex Twin called him “a buffoon”

Moby didn't take the comment too well

Moby has recalled a time Aphex Twin called him “a buffoon”, saying that it’s “hard to like” his music ever since.

Aphex Twin, whose real name is Richard D. James, performed in America for the first time in eight years at the weekend (December 17).

Opening up about the time Aphex Twin called him “just a buffoon” in the early ‘90s, Moby said that although he was a fan of Aphex Twin’s music, it was “hard to continue to like it” knowing he holds him in contempt.

Moby Aphex Twin baffoonGetty

As pointed out by FACT, Moby was speaking on Thump’s Rave Curious podcast, when he recalls a 1993 tour with Aphex Twin, Orbital and Vapourspace. He says James told a journalist at the time that he “couldn’t understand” why Moby was booked for the same tour, reportedly dismissing the US artist as “just a buffoon.”

Moby then tells podcast presenter Joshua Glazer that he thought it “was a shame” because he had liked Aphex Twin’s records at the beginning, but that it has been “hard to continue to like someone’s music when you know they hold you in contempt.”

Rolling Stone points out that Moby had addressed the Aphex Twin issue in his Porcelain memoir, which was published in June. “I wanted to like Aphex Twin,” Moby noted in the book, “because I loved his records. But he rarely spoke to anyone, and when he gave interviews he criticized me for playing guitar on stage.”

He added: “He called me an elitist in the press, when actually I just had crippling tour-bus-inspired insomnia.”

Meanwhile, James has been confirmed to play a rare live set at Field Day festival in London next year.

Flyers handed out at London’s Independent Label Market last month (November 26) feature the date of next year’s Field Day – June 3, 2017 – and a scratch-card panel which conceals the Aphex Twin logo.


Festival organisers went on to confirm the booking the following day by sharing a video of the flyer’s scratch-card panel being rubbed away to reveal the Aphex Twin logo.

Aphex Twin was the first act announced for next year’s Field Day, which takes place in east London’s Victoria Park on June 3.