Johnny Marr reveals why he joined Modest Mouse

The guitar legend spills the beans to NME.COM

The Smiths’ guitar legend Johnny Marr has revealed the reasons behind his decision to team up with US indie veterans Modest Mouse.

The star caused a surprise when it was revealed last year that he was on board for the band’s new album ‘We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank’.

But Marr has admitted to NME.COM that he is “open-minded” about the situation, though he isn’t actually an official member yet

He said: “It started off just as me writing some songs with Isaac (Brook, MM mainman) and I wasn’t looking beyond that. Then it became about me recording these songs as an album with these musicians. Then when the record started to sound as it did, I felt like I wanted to go out and play my part and show my commitment to what I’d done. And I’m still in that frame of mind.

“I was completely open-minded as to what it may or may not be. As it turned out, we wrote the first single (‘Dashboard’) on the first night and got on really strong roll straight from the off. I don’t think they’ve officially asked me to join yet, I’m just hanging around! But it would be a good idea for us to do some more I think.”

He added: “We’re not a pretty boy band. We’re serious about playing. But Modest Mouse are a very welcoming, quirky bunch of people so I fit in very nicely. Isaac‘s very good at creating a family environment. It’s very funny, very sarcastic and very progressive.”