Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on vegetarianism: ‘Pigs cry when they are going to die’ – watch

Musician claims that a conversation with his mum convinced him to go meat-free

Mogwai frontman Stuart Braithwaite has explained why he decided to become a vegetarian in a new video for animal rights charity PETA. Click above to watch now.

In the new video, which was shot on Mogwai’s tour bus, Braithwaite explains, “I remember a specific conversation with my mum, and she told me that pigs cry when they know they are going to die. … I just couldn’t really contemplate being part of that process. … A really easy thing to help animals is to go vegetarian because you’re just generally not being part of that process where they have to die for food”.

Braithwaite also praises the health benefits of a meat-free diet, “Even before I went vegetarian, being told about how bad for you processed meat and all that stuff is … from a health point of view, it’s not good for you”, he says.

Other musicians who have worked with PETA in the past include Paul McCartney, Morrissey, Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett.

Meanwhile, Mogwai recently confirmed that they plan to score the second series of French TV show The Returned and release an EP of new material later this year.

The band released their latest album, ‘Rave Tapes’, in January and confirmed that there is an EP of material recorded at the same time as the album they plan to put out later this year. Mogwai released an album worth of the music they made for series 1 of the French zombie drama in February 2013.

Earlier this year Mogwai released their own brand of whiskey to tie in with the release of ‘Rave Tapes’. The single cask whisky, named RockAct81w, has a 57.1%ABV and is limited to 324 numbered bottles, which were distilled in September 2004 at Glenallachie Distillery, Speyside.