Mogwai star in new computer game plus new EP featuring an exclusive track...

Mogwai star in a new ice hockey video game released on April 23 by Gremlin Interactive.

The band provide two songs, ‘Like Herod’ and ‘R U Still In 2 It? (DJ Q Remix)’, for the Actua Ice Hockey 2 soundtrack and you can play as Mogwai Young Team, with likenesses of the band, on the PC version of the game.

A spokesman for Gremlin Interactive explained: “All other games these days seem to go for the Fatboy Slim-style, big beat, trendy sound. We’re trying to get away from that.


“We thought that with ice hockey being a violent sport a track like ‘Like Herod’ would reflect that with its distorted guitar sounds.”

There are also exclusive new tracks by Mogwai, Bonnie Prince Billy and Papa M (aka Aerial M) on a new US EP called ‘Travels In Constants’ that you can find out more about and order by clicking here.

Meanwhile, the Wu-Tang Clan look set to follow Mogwai into the world of computer games.

The Clan aim to bring out a Sony PlayStation game before Christmas featuring the nine members on a quest to save a kidnapped kung-fu master. The game follows Clan members from ancient China to their modern-day home, Staten Island.

Iron Maiden have already completed a computer ‘shoot ’em up’ game titled Ed Hunter. The PC game will be released on May 17 through EMI Chrysalis and is said to be similar to arcade shooting games like Virtua Cop.

The game will be accompanied by a CD containing 20 of the band’s hits, as voted for by their fans on the Internet. You can preview the game by clicking here.


Cypress Hill also provide the soundtrack to a new ultra-violent computer game.

The characters in Virgin Interactive Entertainment‘s Kingpin: Life Of Crime are street thugs and prostitutes.

Cypress Hill provide five tracks from ‘Cypress Hill IV’. The game is due out at the beginning of June.

Check back next week for details on how you can win a copy of Actua Ice Hockey 2.

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