Mogwai set for more live shows

Band plan to 'play everywhere for a change' in support of new album

Mogwai are set to tour extensively once they have released their new album.

The Scottish band have been a rare fixture on the live scene throughout 2009, but have said that they will be playing more shows than they did in support of 2008’s ‘The Hawk Is Howling’.

“When we do a new record we’ll probably come and play everywhere for a change,” Said guitarist and vocalist Stuart Braithwaite to BBC 6 Music.

The band are preparing to start work on their next album early next year, which will be released on their own Rock Action record label for the first time.

“I think that our attitudes to activities around the record coming out might change a bit because we’ll be really thinking, ‘We need to push this’.” Braithwaite said about the idea of touring more. “Rather than sitting around asking, ‘What are the label doing to sell our records?’ It will have to be, ‘What have we got to do to sell our record?'” he added.

The album which is still currently at demo stages, is set to be recorded sometime in 2010.

“We’ve earmarked all of next year for doing it,” explained the frontman. “I think that everyone’s trying out things at home and probably early next year, we’ll get together and laugh at how bad everybody’s attempts at making music are.”