The band admit they'd "love" the Croatian football team to get one over the English in the forthcoming Euro 2004 soccer tournament...

MOGWAI have gained thousands of new fans in Croatia after they said that they hoped England would be ‘destroyed’ in the forthcoming European Football Championships.

Talking to the Croatian media about a forthcoming football match between the two countries, the Scottish post-rockers also said that the English team were ‘bastards’.

“I’d love Croatia to beat England,” said multi-instrumentalist Barry Burns. “Please destroy those bastards.”

According to Ananova, Burns was being interviewed by Croatian news website Htnet following the band’s gig in Zagreb, when he commented on the match – due to take place on June 21 in Lisbon.

The game is a Group B match as part of the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal.

Burns said that he was a ‘proud Celt’ and could not bare the thought of England winning the championships.