It's got a title and everything...

MOGWAI have released tentative details about their new album, which they say is scheduled for release next summer.

In a mail-out to fans from their website, the band say their fourth studio album is provisionally titled ‘Bag Of Agony’.

“The recording of our record is still on track despite a few wee delays and weather permitting should be out early next summer,” frontman Stuart Braithwaite said.

The band have been recording in Scotland with Belle And Sebastian producer Tony Doogan.

Braithwaite adds: “As far as what it will sound like we don’t know. To be honest we don’t even know what the last one sounds like, sounds are hard to describe.”

The band have also put an MP3 of their first 7″ single, ‘Lower’, on their official site www.mogwai.co.uk, which Braithwaite describes as: “Bad song, good ending. Teenage as fuck.”