Manics head poll for most hated band, but Mogwai are second in line...

After a few spats between Billy Bragg, The Beta Band and others, the Manics have emerged triumphantly as your most hated band – well, those of you who bothered to vote, that is.

The massive swing to the Manics – almost a third of all voters – left a big gap between second place Mogwai – a band who get up a lot of your noses it seems – and last place Charlatans who you seem to positively love. Mogwai may hate Blur, but few of you can really work up a lather of loathing for Damon and co, nor for Suede, who are in a disappointing sixth place.

The results are


Manic Street Preachers: 32.11 per centMogwai: 12.91 per cent Ian Brown: 10.65 per cent Billy Bragg: 10.47 per cent Blur: 10.30 per cent Suede: 8.38 per cent Beta Band: 5.58 per cent John Squire: 5.24 per cent Charlatans: 4.36 per cent

Write-in nominations came for NME (obviously), Stereophonics – but possibly only one voter nominating them again and again, the Queen Mum, ‘Venga fucking Boys’, ‘fucking Skunk fucking Anasie‘ (we are with you there, comrade), Faithless and – inexplicably – the Sultan of Brunei.