Mogwai: ‘We’ve got the song titles for our next album’

However, the band say they have yet to write any music

Mogwai have revealed that they have decided on some song titles for their next album – but have yet to write any music for it.

Speaking after presenting the Best Difficult Second Album prize to Ben Watt at the AIM Awards in London yesterday (September 2), guitarist Stuart Braithwaite told NME the band’s new album will be recorded once they finish the soundtrack to the second series of French drama The Returned, which will air on Channel 4 in the UK next year.

“We got drunk on the train on Monday and thought of some great song titles,” Braithwaite said. “They’re secret for now, but it means we’ve got some great names – just no music to go with them yet.”

Braithwaite added that Mogwai’s soundtrack album for the first series of The Returned sold better than the band’s most recent regular album, 2013’s ‘Rave Tapes’. “We must have done something right with that soundtrack,” Braithwaite said. “The second series hasn’t been filmed yet, but the storylines we’ve seen look great. We’ve started writing music for that, and we’re sure it’s going to go great.”

Mogwai headline the ‘A Night For Scotland’ event in favour of Scottish independence at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on September 14, four days before Scotland votes on whether to go independent or remain part of the United Kingdom.

“The band are all big believers in Scottish independence,” said Braithwaite. “It’s going to be a good night, and lots of our friends like Frightened Rabbit and Franz Ferdinand are also playing.”

Braithwaite said he was “hopeful” Scotland would vote in favour of independence. He said: “I’m always hopeful. If the momentum keeps going the way it has in the past week, it’s looking good.”