And the working title for the record suggest fans are in for a headspinning experience...

MOGWAI’s STUART BRAITHWAITE has told NME.COM that the band’s new album sounds like LED ZEPPELIN and has a working title of ‘THE EXORCIST III’.

In an exclusive interview, the guitarist revealed that the follow-up to 1999’s ‘Come On Die Young’ will also feature “banjos, violins, trumpets and trombones” as well as a collaboration with Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys. The album is expected later this year on the Southpaw label.

“We’re going to put out a record and play some shows,” Braithwaite told NME.COM. “I’d like to call it ‘The Exorcist III’, but I haven’t asked the rest of the band yet. Knowing them, they won’t go for it.”

Completed songs include ‘You Don’t Know Jesus’, ‘Rancho Carne’ and ‘Tramadol’, which is named after a type of painkiller. Gruff Rhys appears as a guest vocalist on the album, while post-punk guitar legend Dave Pajo and Leeds electronica duo Remote Viewer have also made contributions. Further collaborations are also expected.

Drawing unlikely comparisons with rock giants Led Zeppelin, Braithwaite added: “It’s like ‘Houses Of The Holy’ by Led Zeppelin. In fact, for a while, we were considering calling it ‘Flats Of The Sacred’. There’s no reggae song, though, and it’s quite short. There’s a choir as well. The whole album is peppered with spastic magic.”

For a full interview with Braithwaite, see this week’s NME, out nationwide today (January 10).