More Millennium secrets....

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve this year?

Probably spending New Year’s Eve with as many of my frends as possible. You know, having a greta time with my pals.

What do you feel about the coming of the new Millennium?

Don’t really care about it. I don’t see the significance. It’s an arbitrary date and I never met the person who came up with it.

What’s your favourite invention of the last 1000 years?

The electric guitar.

What hasn’t been invented yet that should have been?

Slave-like robots

You’ve got 90 minutes to live before the Y2K apocalypse – what’s on your stereo?

Decades – Joy Division, Boy/Girl – Aphex Twin, Accelerator – Primal Scream, Freed From Desire – Gala, The Passenger – Iggy Pop, First Big Weekend – Arab Strap, Radioactivity – Kraftwerk

If we survive, how will you celebrate New Year’s Day and what will your resolutions be for the rest of the year?

I’ll be celebrating New Year’s Day, as I always do, with a dinner with my Auntie Catherine and Uncle John. The resolution: Look after my teeth and to have some dignity for a change.