Mogwai talk returning to Latitude festival, Bowie, Glasgow music and their next soundtrack

The band headlined the very first Latitude Festival in 2006

As Mogwai are confirmed to return to Latitude Festival, frontman Stuart Braithwaite talks to NME about the Glasgow music scene and progress on their next movie soundtrack. Read our full Q&A with Braithwaite below.

Today saw the line-up for Latitude Festival 2018 revealed, with The Killers, Solange and Alt-J to headline, while the bill will also performances from Jessie Ware, Wolf Alice, The Vaccnines, The Breeders and many more.

Mogwai will be returning too, having headlined the very first Latitude Festival back in 2006.


“It’s a really nice festival, it’s a really nice part of the world and it’s a nice place to be,” Braithwaite told NME. “There’s always good music and I think people go there for that, rather than to just get wasted.

“They put on a lot of music that is probably new to a lot of the people going to the festival, so it’s a great showcase of a lot of interesting artists. They also avoid a lot of the repetition that you see at other festivals.”

Presenting a taste of your Latitude Festival 2018 line up! Featuring Solange, The Killers, alt-J, Harry Hill, Bridget Christie & more! Discover even more names here:

Posted by Latitude Festival on Monday, February 12, 2018

Latitude have always provided a stepping stone for younger bands headlining major festivals for the first time. Is there anyone you’d like to see step up and top the bill? 

“Just newer bands, really. I don’t know if it has something to do with the music industry not having enough money to push bands into the mainstream like they could in 1990s. I refuse to believe that people don’t make music as good as it was then because people get more and more talented.”

Your last album ‘Every Country’s Sun’ went down really well with fans and critics. How would you say that the make-up of that record has affected your live set?


“It’s probably the record that we’ve played the most of on tour, out of all the records. People have really taken to it, which has been brilliant.”

As a largely instrumental band, how do you ensure that the energy and atmosphere of each tour and album cycle is different?

“We just do what’s exciting to us and get involved in whatever record we’re working on. We put everything into it and people really respond to that.”

Are you guys working on any soundtrack stuff at the moment?

“We’re working on a soundtrack album for a film called ‘Kin’, by Jonathan and Josh Baker. We recorded that last year and will hopefully be coming out later this year.”

How would you describe the sonics of that and how it relates to the film?

“It’s a different film for us. It’s sci-fi with a teenage guy leading the movie. There’s a lot of drama in it, so our music works pretty well with it.”

It’s said that Glasgow seems like it’s own world in terms of the music scene. Who are you into from up there at the moment?

“There’s tonnes. Honeyblood, Anxiety, Kathryn Joseph – there’s more music in Glasgow then there is time to listen to. It’s stronger than it’s ever been.”

What do you think it is about Glasgow that keeps churning out these awesome bands?

“I think people move here to make music now. There was always a heritage, now it attracts these people.”

What else are you listening to at the moment?

“David Bowie, as usual.”

What’s your favourite David Bowie album?

“‘Low’, it’s just the best by far isn’t it?”

Latitude festival will return to Henham Park from Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 July. Weekend tickets are available from £197.50 and you can buy them here.