Roisin Murphy gets the On The Couch treatment...

What song describes you best?

‘She’s Strange’ by Cameo.”

What is heaven?


“Great music, on a great system, when you’re in the right mood. Or a nice bath, where you’re completely relaxed. Or being really in love.”

What is hell?

“Falling out of love. Or paranoia is a kind of hell.”

What is your earliest memory?

“Being beaten up by my brother.”

What is your greatest fear?


“Suddenly becoming stupid. You know, when you’re getting older and you don’t feel quick anymore? And you think ‘bloody hell, I need to go on a detox!'”

Who is your all time hero?

“Probably Mark (Brydon, Moloko‘s musician and producer). Just because I see him working all the time, and I see how hard he works. I think he’s a great vocal producer. I’d literally never sung a song when we signed a deal with Moloko, but he’s produced me into being a singer.”

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?

“It’s only when I was a kid, really, so it doesn’t sound very important. But breaking shop windows, and writing evil letters to other children. I used to lead kids astray. Recently, though, I get in trouble with things that I say in the press, because I’ve got a big gob, and I don’t know when to keep it shut.”

Who was the first love of your life?

“My cousin Michael. Or, my dog, Bert.”

What’s your greatest talent?


Upon whom would you most like to exact revenge?

“I wish I didn’t sound as Californian as this, but I don’t really want to exact revenge on anyone at the moment. That’s not sweet, that’s a bit pukey, really.”

What’s your most treasured possession?

“My photo album. I’ve got a load of old family photos that no-one else has got in my family, and I’ve also got photos from when we started in Moloko, and all the places we’ve been to.”

What have you most regretted doing while drunk?

“Just ranting, really. Getting in rows.”

What can you cook?

“Not much at all. I’m really good with boiled eggs, if you like them runny.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Know when hold and know when to fold! (Breaks into a rendition of Kenny Rogers’ ‘Coward Of The County’) Know when to walk away, know when to run…”

Can you read music?


If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

“Oh, it’d be great, wouldn’t it? Yeah, I’d go shoplifting!”

What are your three final wishes?

“I think I’ve got a long way to go before I can decide that.”

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