Reverend discusses ex-Arctic Monkeys man’s musical rebirth

Jon McClure is full of praise for Mongrel bandmate Andy Nicholson

Jon ‘Reverend’ McClure has spoken about his Mongrel bandmate Andy Nicholson‘s musical rehabilitation, claiming that he was “depressed” after quitting Arctic Monkeys.

Bassist Nicholson, now enjoying a new lease of life alongside the Reverend in indie supergroup Mongrel, left his old band just after they hit the big time in 2006, citing a dislike of touring and fame as the reason for his departure.

However, McClure has claimed that Nicholson was pushed to leave the band.


Andy went into a depression after being sacked from the Monkeys, he told the Daily Record. “He’s got a big heart and he was a big part of what they became. He’s the one that met the fans and hung out with them.”

McClure went on to attack U2‘s Bono for not showing public support for Palestine during the recent conflict with Israel over Gaza.

“Where’s Bono now?” he said. “Everyone agrees we should save starving Africans but where is he when we need him? He’s probably holidaying on Tony Blair‘s yacht.”

The frontman also revealed plans to distribute 100,000 copies of Mongrel‘s forthcoming debut album, ‘Better Than Heavy’, free in Venezuela. He added that he planned to head off to meet jungle tribes with Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke.

‘Better Than Heavy’ is scheduled for release on March 9.