Remaining Monkees to stay away from Davy Jones’ funeral

Micky Dolenz says he and his bandmates wish to avoid 'a media circus'

The three remaining members of The Monkees will not attend the funeral of their late singer Davy Jones, they have confirmed.

Jones passed away as a result of a heart attack last week (February 29), he was 66 years old.

Speaking to Billboard, drummer Micky Dolenz said that the band had been made aware by Jones’ family that they wished for his funeral to be “very, very low-key and very, very private” and if he and his bandmates attended, he feared the event may become “a media circus”.


Asked if he and his bandmates would be attending the funeral, Dolenz said: “My understanding is they want to avoid a media circus and the family wants to keep it very, very low-key and very, very private. And you can imagine as soon as one or two or any of us were to show up, it would very quickly be degraded into something that I don’t think his immediate family would want to deal with.”

Dolenz added that Jones’ death is likely to mean that the band would no longer tour or record under the name ‘The Monkees’, but that there would probably be a memorial concert for Jones.

He said of this: “We’ve had a sort of unspoken, I guess, agreement over the years that if it’s just two of us getting together we never called it The Monkees. I can see us getting together to do a memorial concert, of course, but right now I can’t imagine anything else happening without the Manchester Cowboy.”

A number of stars have paid tribute to Davy Jones including Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan who dedicated his band’s NME Award to Jones in a video you can watch below.