Rivers Cuomo, Ben Gibbard and Andy Partridge rumoured to pen new Monkees album

Rumours point to first Monkees album release in 20 years

A mysterious listing on Amazon has hinted that a new Monkees album will be on the way.

In a post on the official Monkees fan site, a new album entitled ‘Good Times’ has been listed on Amazon, slated for release on June 10 2016 – featuring new songwriters including members of Weezer, Death Cab For Cutie, XTC and Rogue Waves.

Original band members Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith are also rumoured to contribute songs.


“The Monkees are ready to have some fun this year as the iconic band celebrates its 50th anniversary with a tour and the group’s first new album in 20 years, appropriately titled GOOD TIMES” read the Amazon listing. Much like The Monkees early albums, GOOD TIMES features tracks written specifically for the band by some of the music world’s most gifted songwriters, including Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Andy Partridge (XTC), and Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave). The album also includes songwriting contributions by Nesmith (I Know What I Know) and Tork as well as producer Adam Schlesinger” said the listing.


“To help bring the anniversary full circle, The Monkees completed songs for GOOD TIMES that were originally recorded & written for the group during the 60s, including Love To Love by Neil Diamond, which features a vintage vocal by Davy Jones. Harry Nilsson wrote the title track Good Times, which he recorded at a session with Nesmith in January 1968. The production was never completed, so the band returned to the original session tape (featuring Nilsson’s guide vocal) and have created a duet with his close friend Dolenz. Good Times will mark the first time Dolenz and Nilsson have sung together since Dolenz May 1973 single Daybreak. Other vintage 1960s tracks included on GOOD TIMES feature L.A’s famed Wrecking Crew of session musicians.

More information to follow as it is announced.