MONSTA X say it’s an “honour” to contribute to K-pop’s popularity in the US

“But our goal is too far, we got to do a lot [more things]”

MONSTA X have opened up about their popularity in the United States, saying it’s an “honour” to have been able to build a global fanbase.

The K-pop recently group spoke to Billboard about their promotional activities in the United States, in light of the recent release of their sophomore English album ‘The Dreaming’. As more K-pop groups begin to break into the Western music market, MONSTA X said they feel that it is “such an honour” that K-pop as a genre is gaining traction in the States.

“I think we are contributing to the K-pop industry in the US right now, but our goal is too far,” rapper I.M shared, before adding that the group have yet to achieve their goals in America. “We got to do a lot [more things], like going to the Billboard [Music Awards], the AMAs or Grammys.”


Despite having clear milestones for their career moving forward, MONSTA X also revealed that they chose not to establish a definitive final goal for themselves as artists. “We don’t form our final goal because we just move step by step, and if we just move to the next step, we look forward to it,” I.M concluded.

‘The Dreaming’ features ten tracks, including title track ‘You Problem’ and the September single ‘One Day’. The record arrived just three weeks after the release of their tenth Korean mini-album ‘No Limit’, which included title track ‘Rush Hour’.

In conjunction with ‘The Dreaming”s release, the boyband have also released their debut feature film titled Monsta X: The Dreamingwhich had premiered first in South Korea on December 8, before arriving in theatres worldwide on December 9 and 11.

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