MONSTA X’s Minhyuk opens up about how he deals with “slumps”

“The difference was how I approached that state of mind”

Minhyuk of MONSTA X has spoke up about how approaching his troubles with a different mindset helped has him deal with them better.

In a recent interview with W Korea, the K-pop idol confessed that he had been experiencing a lot of “worries”, particularly before the past year came to a close. He said that he was “in a slump” and “feeling a bit exhausted”, but acknowledged that everyone goes through a phase like this, as translated by Soompi.

“Slumps come to everyone and I didn’t want to hide it just because I’m an idol. At the time, I thought, ‘Let’s just feel tired if I’m tired’,” he said. “When I struggled against it, it felt like I was sinking deeper. ”


The singer opened up about his troubles with insomnia and how he would “worry about how tired I would be the next day if I couldn’t sleep”, and how changing his mindset has helped him overcome those feelings.

“Now I think, ‘Oh well, I’ll just be a bit tired tomorrow. I can rest once I come home from work.’ After that, I didn’t feel as bad as before,” he added. “I was going to feel tired either way, but the difference was how I approached that state of mind.”

MONSTA X have released the new dates of their rescheduled United States and Canada tour in 2022. The month-long 13-date tour will kick off in January in New York City and will end in late-February with one final stop in Los Angeles, California.