Conor Oberst knocks over piano at Monsters Of Folk London show

Supergroup's second UK gig ends in chaos

Monsters Of Folk played their second UK gig last night (November 17) at the London Troxy venue – with Conor Oberst knocking over a piano at the end of the set.

The supergroup – also featuring My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James, M Ward and Mike Mogis – had performed in Cardiff the previous night.

They played an epic three-hour set featuring songs by the individual musicians as well as their collective Monsters Of Folk songs.


M Ward took the lead for ‘Lullaby And Exile’, while James jumped across the stage for ‘Look At You’, howling and hammering his guitar.

The onstage banter was sporadic and simple. At one point James announced to the crowd, “Muchos gracias”, returning a few moments later with a murmured explanation: “That means ‘thanks very much’ in Spanish.”

Bright EyesOberst ripped off his jacket for the encore and jumped off the drumkit. He then allowed his piano to fall off the side of the stage as the gig ended.

Monsters Of Folk played:

‘Say Please’
‘The Right Place’
‘Soul Singer’
‘Slow Down Joe’
‘Man Named Truth’
‘Lullaby And Exile’
‘We Are Nowhere And It’s Now’
‘Ahead Of The Curve’
‘Vincent O’Brien’
‘What A Wonderful Man’
‘Smoke Without Fire’
‘At Dawn’
‘Baby Boonmer’
‘Dear God (Sincerely MOF)’
‘To Save Me’
‘Kathy With A K’s Song’
‘Just To Know What You’ve Been Dreaming’
‘Bermuda Highway’
‘Look At You’
‘Lime Tree’
‘One Life Away’
‘Map Of The World’
‘The Sandman, The Brakeman And Me’
‘Smoking From Shooting’
‘Hit The Switch’
‘Losin Yo Head’
‘At The Bottom Of Everything’
‘Whole Lotta Losin”
‘Another Travellin’ Song’
‘His Master’s Voice’