Moog release first polyphonic synthesiser in over 30 years

The long-rumoured Moog One is here

Moog have released their first polyphonic synthesiser in over 30 years, it has been announced.

The new model has been rumoured to be in the works for months and was finally confirmed yesterday (October 1).

The Moog One comes in two variations – one with eight voices or one with 16. Both allow users to play three synths at once, which can be stacked, split, or layered across a 61-key Fatar keyboard. It also features three VCOs, a variable state filter, and a Moog ladder filter.

The new synthesiser is, according to Moog, a “programmable tri-timbral analogue synth featuring an intuitive tactile interface that transcends the boundary between instrument and artist, allowing you to achieve your musical goals unimpeded.”

The Moog One also boasts an analogue mixer with external audio input, LFOs, three envelope generators, and a dual-source variable analogue noise generator. It can store thousands of presets, which can be browsed via the central LCD panel.

The eight-voice Moog One is on sale for $5,999 (£4,623), while the 16-voice model will cost $7,999 (£6,164). They are currently available for pre-order from Sweetwater

Earlier this year, the synth-makers warned Donald Trump’s 25 percent tariff on goods imported from China could put them under threat.

Moog said the new tariff had the potential to result in job losses and could see the company forced to move production of their instruments out of the US. All Moog synths are currently built in its North Carolina factory, but some of their circuit boards are imported from China when using ones from US suppliers isn’t possible.