Mooney Suzuki find new home

'Have Mercy' will be released on a brand new label

New York garage band Mooney Suzuki will finally see the release of their album ‘Have Mercy’ through brand new label Elixia Records.

Following splits with Columbia and the demise of their next label V2, the band were forced to find yet another label to put out the album.

Despite the uncertain future, the band forged ahead with their music, playing several solo shows, dates with Albert Hammond Jr as well as a number of performances at SXSW earlier this month.


And singer Sammy James Jr has some advice for bands who fight against the odds to have their records released.

“It ain’t easy for a rock’n’roll band to try and get by these days” he says “The music biz is kind of like the Wild West right now – everyone’s biting the dust all around you. If you’ve been going though hell, keep going”

‘Have Mercy’ will be released June 19.

–By our New York staff.

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