Moose Blood respond to allegations of ‘theft of nude photographs’ from mobile phone

The band will now be taking legal action

Moose Blood have responded to allegations that frontman Eddy Brewerton stole nude photos from a woman’s mobile phone.

Last year, Twitter user Zoe Maria spoke out to claim that Brewerton took the images from her phone before spreading them around on the band’s WhatsApp group.

“Just a friendly reminder for those of you not in the know: Moose Blood vocalist stole nudes off my phone and sent them to band’s Whatsapp group,” she wrote. “No I will not shut up about it because it still hasn’t been addressed. I’ll bring it up at every opportunity.”

After the claims surfaced again in recent weeks, the band have now spoken out to strongly refute the claims and add they are seeking to take legal action.

“We are aware of an allegation made against us concerning alleged theft of photographs and invasion of privacy,” they said in a statement.

“This allegation is entirely false and we strongly refute it. Until now we have resisted giving it any credence by commenting. However, the many repeats on social media have left us no option but to make our position clear.

“We are taking legal action. The process to resolve this issue is underway. We do not propose to comment further at this stage.

“We’d like to thank all our fans from the bottom of our hearts for your true loyalty & support.”

Moose Blood
Moose Blood

This comes after the band previously parted ways with drummer Glenn Harvey due to accusations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

After fans began to circulate rumours online, the pop punk band revealed that a replacement drummer would be stepping in for Harvey for the remainder of their US tour, and that they’ll also be making a donation to the charity RAINN – an organisation aimed at tackling sexual violence.

“Hi everyone,”

“It’s taken a few days to respond to everything that’s circulating online at the moment regarding our band but Glenn Harvey is not currently a member of Moose Blood.

“In no way do we support any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour towards anyone, male or female.

“This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly.

“We will continue with our North American tour, with the exception of St. Louis tonight, with our good friend on drums.

“Moose Blood and our label Hopeless Records will be making a charitable donation to RAINN to show our support and awareness.

“We appreciate your patience and your loyalty.”