M.O.P, The Dwellas and Wordsworth are among those taking part at the New York event...

M.O.P, long-time associates of GANG STARR, THE DWELLAS and WORDSWORTH were amongst the hip-hop celebrities who turned out in NEW YORK last Friday (December 1) to raise money and food for the homeless and hungry.

Pack FM and Poison Pen hosted the event, in Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute organised by Pratts on campus hip-hop club. The food drive cost $10 to get in, or a novel $6 for those who arrived with a can of food.

The show included guest appearances by all Brooklyn line-up Punch & Words, who also feature on the latest Lyricist Lounge album, The Dwellas, formerly Cella Dwellas, Wordsworth and Brooklyn’s finest M.O.P.

The Mash Out Posse’s Lil Fame and Billy Danze took to the stage playing new tracks and old classics, including this year’s floor shakers G-Buildin, Ante Up and Cold As Ice from their DJ Premier produced fourth album Warrioz.