Morrissey claims label ‘botched’ his album release in new statement

The singer says he has be dropped from his label Harvest

Morrissey has claimed that his record label “botched” the release of new album ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’.

In a statement posted on his fansite True To You, the singer details his disappointment with his record label Harvest’s marketing decisions, accusing it of not spending money to release proper music videos and instead focusing on spoken word films. A spokesperson for Harvest declined to comment on the allegations.

“I believed that the rich soil of the album had several strong hit singles,” he writes. “Frayed tempers began when Harvest arranged the ’spoken word’ films, none of which gave any clue as to what World peace is none of your business [sic] intended to be, or is. The films were OK, but they went nowhere and stayed there.
 With every nerve alert, we pushed the label for a proper video for Istanbul to precede the album, not least of all because a single ahead of the album release might inch the album to a higher chart position.


“I ploughed into them insisting upon ‘proper band videos, where the band play and I sing,'” he continues. “An evidently confusing concept that required seven weeks of explanation, detailed graphs and several drawn-up maps.
” Read the full statement here.

The statement is the latest in a tussle between the singer and Harvest, which is an imprint of Capitol Records.

Earlier this week (August 17), the singer claimed he had proof that he has been dropped by the label, after capitol-Harvest had recently denied claims made by Morrissey himself that their relationship had ended following the release of the album.

The news came after Morrissey appeared to criticise his label, with the singer hinting at “public deception” in the music industry in a separate update posted on True To You.