Morrissey calls on people of Canada to ‘speak up and stop the carnage’ of seal hunts

The singer becomes further embroiled in row over his claims that the practice is "barbaric"

Morrissey has put out another statement on the practice of seal hunting in Canada in response to criticism from the country’s government.

Yesterday, Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans responded to criticisms from The Smiths singer, after he spoke out about the country’s “greedy and barbaric” seal hunting in an April 19 post to fansite True To You, titled ‘This sorrowful Canada’.

“The British singer Morrissey is the latest addition to the train of celebrities looking for a popularity boost from attacking the livelihoods of people who live off the bounty of the land instead of living off record sales or TV ratings,” Canada’s federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea wrote in response. “I would urge Mr Morrissey to consider the impact that his ignorant and inflammatory statements have on the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working men and women in rural communities.”

Morrissey has hit now back at the criticism in another post on True To You titled ‘Canada: right of reply’. “In Western culture, there is no acceptance of the Canadian seal slaughter, and simply because someone bears the badge of Minister does not insulate them from being a disreputable thug,” he wrote. “Murder is not debatable, and the people of Canada must speak up and stop this carnage in order to restore the global image of their country.”

Morrissey is due to release new album ‘World Peace Is None of Your Business’ this summer. The singer, who released his autobiography in October 2013, has signed a new, worldwide record deal with Universal Music’s US-based Harvest Records for the release of his 10th studio album.