Morrissey apologises for pulling South American tour dates due to food poisoning

Singer says he'll be fine to return to the stage in Buenos Aires on July 28

Morrissey has apologised for pulling a number of tour dates in Peru and Chile after being struck down with food poisoning.

In a post on the True To You fansite, the singer wrote: “In the heat of cancellations and postponements, the humiliation and mortification I feel on a personal level is too mammoth to be measured.”

He also revealed that he has returned to Los Angeles “to the expert supervision of my doctor Jeremy Fine, who assures me that I shall be fine… for our upcoming shows in Argentina and Brazil”. The singer’s sole date in Argentina takes place in Buenos Aires on July 28. After that, he’ll cross the border for three gigs in Brazil.

Continuing his blog post, Morrissey added: “We all live at the mercy of biological chance, and although I am not one to take refuge in clichés, I repeat my very servile apologies to any and all who back-packed their way to Peru.”

Over the past year Morrissey has postponed and cancelled a host of tour dates because of his mother’s and his own ill health. He recently revealed that he nearly died earlier this year due to medical problems.