Watch Morrissey get called a ‘c*nt’ after failing to pay tribute to David Bowie

Moz paid tribute to Prince, Victoria Wood and others during Manchester gig

Morrissey notably omitted David Bowie from a list of this year’s celebrity deaths when speaking to the crowd at his recent Manchester hometown gig.

The former Smiths frontman performed at Manchester Arena on Saturday (August 20) when he began listing all the famous people to have died this year, before singing “All the best ones are dead”.

His list included comedian Victoria Wood, actress Caroline Aherne, boxer Muhammad Ali and Prince but not Bowie, who passed away in January.


Moz’s Bowie omission did not go unnoticed, with some members of the crowd booing the singer and one evening labelling him a “c*nt”. Watch in the video below.

Morrissey and Bowie shared a tense relationship that dated back to touring together in 1995. In 2013, Bowie refused to let Morrissey use a photo of themselves together for cover art, leading to Morrissey replacing him with Rick Astley instead.


In 2014, Morrissey addressed their rivalry, saying: “I know I’ve criticised David in the past, but it’s all been snot-nosed junior high ribbing on my part. I think he knows that.”

Morrissey also declared himself the ‘Mayor of Manchester’ at his Manchester gig.

In a recent interview, Morrissey said the media victimised Leave voters over Brexit and that his new album is “written” but no record label wants to release it.

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