Morrissey to publish autobiography in December 2012

Singer also labels Michael Buble as 'meaningless'

Morrissey has said he plans to release his much discussed autobiography in December next year.

Speaking to Billboard, the ex-Smiths singer said that he’s sees it as the “sentimental climax to the last 30 years.

Asked about the book, Morrissey replied: “I see it as the sentimental climax to the last 30 years. It will not be published until December 2012, which gives me just enough time to pack all I own in a box and disappear to central Brazil. The innocent are named and the guilty are protected.”

The singer also layed into soul crooner Michael Buble, describing him as “famous and meaningless.”


Asked about how he chooses the material he plays at gigs, he said: “I would find the idea of compiling a setlist that doesn’t wildly excite me to be too restricting. The fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become Michael Buble – famous and meaningless.”

Morrissey also criticized the state of modern pop music, saying: “I say without bitterness that it is nothing new. I like the idea of women who are in full control, but I am tired of seeing singers who cannot deliver a song without the aide of seven hundred and fifty frenzied dancers assuming the erotic.”

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