Morrissey defends Norway massacre comments – but doesn’t apologise

Ex-Smiths singer slams media for making Anders Breivik a 'Jack The Ripper star'

Morrissey has defended his controversial comments about the recent twin attacks on Norway – but stopped short of offering an apology for the outburst.

The former singer of The Smiths received widespread criticism after branding the actions of the man responsible for the tragedy, Anders Breivik, as “nothing” compared to McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He made the comments onstage at a gig in Warsaw last Sunday (July 24).

In a statement published by fansite, which Morrissey often uses as his official mouthpiece, the singer sought to offer further explanation for the comparison.

Repeating his assertion that millions of animals are murdered on a daily basis to be served in fast food outlets, he said:

If you quite rightly feel horrified at the Norway killings, then it surely naturally follows that you feel horror at the murder of ANY innocent being. You cannot ignore animal suffering simply because animals “are not us”

Morrissey also attacked the media, stating the frenzy has turned Breivik into a “Jack The Ripper star”.

He added:

We aren’t told the names of the people who were killed – almost as if they are not considered to be important enough, yet the media frenzy to turn the killer into a Jack The Ripper star is repulsive. He should be un-named, not photographed, and quietly led away.

After the singer’s onstage comments were reported earlier this week, NME.COM users reacted angrily to the comparison with the Norway tragedy, stating the hardline vegan had gone “too far”.

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