Morrissey has fan thrown out of Hamburg gig – video

Singer instructs fan to 'fuck yourself'

Morrissey told an audience member to “fuck yourself” before having him thrown out of his Hamburg CCH 1 gig on Tuesday (November 17).

Watch video footage of the incident by clicking below.

The singer, who walked offstage at a gig in Liverpool recently after being hit on the head with a plastic bottle, reportedly took offence to the audience member after he shouted to him while he was making a joke about “Hamburgers“.


According to the description given on the fan-shot YouTube video of the incident, Morrissey was speaking about how “Hamburgers” should be called “Hamburgists” when the audience member shouted “fuck you” at him.

In the video Morrissey is seen pointing to the man before speaking at him through his microphone. “Go. We don’t need you, we don’t need you,” he says while gesturing the audience member to the venue’s exits. “And you can fuck yourself,” he adds.

An aide is then seen walking over to the front rows of the audience after Morrissey‘s bandmates also point out the member.

After the incident Morrissey is seen walking away from the front rows of the audience to shake hands with those at the side of the stage, before his band kick into The Smiths‘ classic ‘Ask’.

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