David Cameron apologises for being a Morrissey fan

The Conservative leader pays tribute to the star

Conservative Party leader David Cameron has apologised for being a fan of Morrissey and The Smiths.

Cameron was speaking on the BBC programme ‘The One Show’ yesterday (February 16) when he made the admission.

Morrissey was the main guest on the show, footage of which can be watched at bbc.co.uk/theonehow for a limited time.

Speaking as part of a montage of celebrities – including Frank Skinner and Simon ArmitageCameron made reference to The Smiths‘ 1984 single ‘Heaven Know I’m Miserable Now’ before making his admission.

“I’m sure when Morrissey finds that he’s getting an endorsement from the leader of the Conservative Party, he will think ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’,” Cameron said. “But I’m a big fan, I’m afraid. Sorry about that.”

Morrissey remained tight-lipped in reaction to the praise, saying: “It’s difficult to make comment because you might hurt people’s feelings.”

The singer, who said his mum is a fan of ‘The One Show’, was also asked to comment on unemployment, British architecture and the multi-talented skills of drummers during the programme.

However, he refused to join ‘The One Show’‘s presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley in trying to see if he could circle his foot and draw the number six with his hand at the same time. “I could do both,” Morrissey said, “…If there was time.”

The singer later looked perplexed as he received tips on how to heal a blocked nose and cure a stitch from ‘The One Show’‘s science correspondent Marty Jopson.