Morrissey ‘baffled’ by Smiths reunion talk

Singer confirms the band won't be reuniting

Morrissey has echoed comments his former bandmate Johnny Marr made in October by saying that The Smiths will not be reuniting.

The singer told BBC Radio 2 that he couldn’t understand why people kept asking if the indie legends would reform, adding that he was happy to focus on his solo career.

“People always ask me about reunions and I can’t imagine why,” he said. “It baffles me. The past seems like a distant place and I’m pleased with that. I feel very much of now.”

The star added: “I just sing the songs that please me and I don’t try to please anyone else. I don’t ask people what they think about them.”

In October Marr released a statement saying that any Smiths reunion rumours that might be circulating were “untrue”.

Morrissey releases his new solo album, ‘Years Of Refusal’, on Monday (February 16).