Morrissey declares himself ‘Mayor of Manchester’ at hometown gig

Smiths frontman also criticises Labour's Andy Burnham

Morrissey labelled himself the “new Lord Mayor of Manchester” during his hometown gig at the weekend, also criticising Labour’s mayoral candidate Andy Burnham in the process.

The former Smiths frontman performed at Manchester Arena on Saturday (August 20), with local reports quoting the singer as proclaiming at the gig: “I am the new Lord Mayor of Manchester”.

Taking aim at Labour’s candidate for mayor Burnham, Moz went on: “He’s very nice, he’s from Liverpool and nobody asked for my opinion, did they ask for yours? I was just wondering why they didn’t find somebody from Manchester.”

“Where is Alf Roberts?” he added, referring to the classic Coronation Street character.

“Cows do not start wars. Badgers do not start wars. Politicians start wars and they love it,” Morrissey also reportedly said during the gig.

Watch footage of Morrissey discussing Burnham’s candidacy below.

In a recent interview, Morrissey said the media victimised Leave voters over Brexit and that his new album is “written” but no record label wants to release it.