Morrissey explains album delay

Plus former Smiths mainman reacts to new 'Best Of' plans

Morrissey has postponed the release of his new album because of a record label dispute regarding the promotion of his recent ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

The new album, called ‘Years Of Refusal’, has already been recorded and was due to come out in September 2008.

However, Morrissey has now revealed that the album release date has been pushed back to February 2009 – because he is currently without a record deal in the US.

The statement, published on Morrissey‘s website True To You, said:

“At the wish of Universal Music, ‘Years Of Refusal’ has been put back to a February 2 release. There is also, at this stage, still no US label for the album since Morrissey withdrew from Decca US after their poor promotion for the ‘Greatest Hits’ release.”

The statement then addressed Morrissey‘s reaction to plans by Warner Music to release a new ‘Greatest Hits’ album by The Smiths: “It is understood that Warner Music in London are releasing a Smiths ‘Greatest Hits’ album in the final quarter of 2008. This release is without Morrissey‘s approval or involvement.”

Morrissey also used the statement to confirm that he would play no more live dates in 2008.