Morrissey to enter Eurovision?

The former Smith is in 'talks' for 2007 contest

Morrissey is reportedly in talks with the BBC about the possibility of writing the UK’s next Eurovision Song Contest entry.

It is also possible the star, who has previously worked with former Eurovision winner Sandie Shaw, could also perform the track at the 2007 contest in Helsinki, Finland, according to BBC NEWS.

As first reported on NME.COM, the singer declared his interest in entering the competition after the UK’s poor placing in last year’s event.

“I was horrified but not surprised to see the UK fail…why didn’t they ask me?” asked Morrissey during his residency at the London Palladium in May.

In recent years, the UK has not performed well in the contest, and have not won the event since 1997.

Daz Sampson’s ‘Teenage Life’, the UK’s entry in 2006, finished fifth from bottom. In 2003, the UK’s song ‘Cry Baby’, performed by Jemini, received no points during the competition.