Morrissey announces new album

Next record from the ex-Smith is out next year

Morrissey has announced that he will record a new album later this year, and plans to release it some time in 2008.

The ex-Smiths singer explained to the BBC News that, as soon as he finishes his forthcoming US tour (in Miami on November 8), he will enter the studio.

“The plan is to make a new album after this tour,” he explained. “It’s absolutely written and completely ready.”

Speaking about what the new album will sound like, Morrissey said: “You are bound to pick up influences whose lyrics are famed for incorporating social and political commentary. But when you create and write it’s very important to be yourself and that’s what I’ve always tried to do. I’m outside the mainstream, and the mainstream never let me in.”

Morrissey is currently without a record deal after his previous one with Sanctuary Records expired. He has been offered a deal from Warners, but has yet to announce whether he has accepted the offer or not.

Morrissey had previously suggested that he was unlikely to play further live dates again after 2007.