Exclusive – Morrissey apologises to Arctic Monkeys

Their success is ‘just like The Smiths’ says the singer

Morrissey has apologised to the Arctic Monkeys if he recent comments about them caused offence.

The singer was quoted criticising the band’s rapid success while at the South By South West festival last week (March 16), suggesting it was too soon and “a bit unnatural”.

However Morrissey has issued a further statement to NME.COM, explaining he was not criticising the Sheffield newcomers.

“I’m sorry that the comments I made at SouthBySouthWest about the Arctic Monkeys were printed so harshly in The Times and the NME,” states Morrissey.

“I actually quite like the Arctic Monkeys and whatever I said was said with tender, avuncular concern. I hope to God I didn’t upset their grannies,” he added.

“In any case, I was wrong about their success being too sudden and without any dues paid, because that’s exactly how it happened for The Smiths. So, I really should shut it.”