CCTV footage emerges of Morrissey’s alleged ‘groping’ incident at San Francisco airport – watch

Singer claims to have been sexually assaulted by an airport security officer in July

Earlier this year, Morrissey claimed to be a victim of sexual assault at San Francisco International airport – CCTV footage of the alleged incident has now surfaced online.

Gawker has obtained the footage through the Freedom of Information Act, posting numerous videos online, as well as providing an in-depth look at the incident, comparing the footage to Morrissey’s initial claims.

The former Smiths frontman alleged in July that he had been groped by a member of the airport security staff as he prepared to board a British Airways flight to London.


Morrissey claimed that a security officer “crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles”, later stating in an interview with Larry King that the individual “put his finger down my rear cleavage”.

The singer added: “Why would he want to [do that]? Why would he need to? Everything was fine but then he went straight for my private bits and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage.”

A spokesperson for the US Transportation Security Administration previously denied Morrissey’s claims.

A statement read: “TSA takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and strives to treat every passenger with dignity and respect. Upon review of closed circuit TV footage, TSA determined that the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual.”

Watch newly obtained CCTV footage below. Morrissey has yet to comment on the footage.