Morrissey attacks Oxford lab

The singer vents his anger onstage

Morrissey has criticised an animal testing laboratory in Oxford.

The singer, who recently refused to play a series of dates in Canada in protest against the country’s annual seal hunt, vented his anger over the development of the lab at the city’s University during a recent gig at the New Theatre.

He branded Oxford “the shame of England” and warned lab workers “we will get you” while onstage, reports the Metro.


Morrissey added: “If you agree with vivisection, go and be vivisected upon yourself.”

Despite his comments anti-animal testing group Speak, which was invited to run a stall at the gig by the former Smiths singer, claim that he was not inciting violence against animal testing workers.

A spokesman added: “We need to talk about the violence being committed upon animals. I applaud the fact that Morrissey‘s been brave enough to stand up and say what he thinks.

“I suspect when he said, ‘we will get you’ he wasn’t talking about violence at all, but about exposing these people for what they do.”