Alan Whyte reckons fans of the star should be "really, really excited" about 'You Are The Quarry'...

Morrissey‘s guitarist has revealed more details about the singer’s first album in seven years, ‘YOU ARE THE QUARRY’.

The record is due for release in April through the Sanctuary record label, on the Attack imprint.

Alan Whyte said: “It’s going to be a great album. Think the fans will be really, really excited. I personally think it’s the best Morrissey album to date.”

Morrisseyand his band have recorded almost 30 songs in Oxfordshire’s Hook End Manor with producer Jerry Finn.

Whyte told BBC’s 6 Music: “It’s kind of like a cross between ‘Your Arsenal’ and ‘Vauxhall & I’ musically – there’s real variety there. There are some slow songs, some uptempo ones and a few real tough-sounding tracks.”

New song titles expected to appear on the album include ‘My Life Is A Series Of People Saying Goodbye’, ‘Teenage Dad On His Estate’ and ‘Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice’.

As previously reported on NME.COM, other titles include ‘I Have Forgiven Jesus’, ‘Come Back To Camden’, ‘How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel’ and ‘I’m Not Sorry’.

Last year Morrissey briefly returned to the UK, where he told Manchester’s City Life magazine about the reason for the length of time since his last album, 1997’s ‘Maladjusted’.

“I honestly didn’t have any decent offers,” he said. “For example, three major US labels said ‘We want you, but we don’t want your band’, so I turned them down. Another label said ‘We want to sign you, but we’d like you to make an album with the musicians fromRadiohead’, and another label said ‘We’ll sign you if you agree to make an album with Tracey Thorn’. Absolutely bewildering. People don’t know what I’ve been through.”