Have you got a question for Morrissey?

Good, then NME.COM will put it to the great man

Have you got a question for Morrissey? A burning issue that you’ve always wanted to take up with the former Smiths star?

Well now is your chance to put your questions to the great man.

NME.COM has been granted an audience with Morrissey, and we’ll be opening the floor to your questions for what promises to be a classic Fannish Inquisition.

Have you ever wondered why he doesn’t use his first name? Perhaps you have a question about the new album, or maybe you just want to know what deodorant Morrissey uses. Whatever your inquiry, now is your chance.

Email your question for Morrissey now to features@nme.com with I have a question for Morrissey as the subject and we’ll ask the best ones on your behalf.

The results will appear in an upcoming issue of NME.