After a 12-year feud, we finally bury the hatchet with an old pal...

This week’s NME marks the end of a 12-year feud. Over a decade after Morrissey

vowed never to speak to us again, he’s finally given an interview to NME.

In 1992, after a notorious performance supporting Madness at Finsbury Park, London, in which he flirted with skinhead imagery and waved a Union Jack, NME wrote a cover feature which asked if he was racist.


Ever since then, the star has boycotted the magazine. Last month, however, he and NME buried the hatchet over an epic and hilarious conversation that took in why he thought Nirvana were “hippies”, why he’s distressed by Tony Blair’s teeth, what he doesn’t like about The Strokes, what he does like about [a][/a] and – of course – why he has no regrets about that Union Jack incident. The issue is in the shops now, dated April 18.

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