Morrissey reveals his inspiration

He writes songs in the most unlikely place

Morrissey has revealed where he’s at his most creative – in the bath.

In a Q&A session with fans, the singer said that when moving house, the only thing he’s interested in is the quality of the bathroom, as that’s where he likes to work on songs.

“I lie (in the bath) for hours singing my head off,” he told “Whenever I’ve moved house, I first call the agent and ask what the bath is like – nothing else much matters.”

Morrissey also spoke about the problems with touring his songs. He added: “Most of the songs are very wordy, and there aren’t ever any flashy guitar solos, so the time onstage is usually a vocal rat-a-tat-tat without any pause, which is why I can’t manage to stay onstage for longer than one hour and 20 minutes – I literally get lockjaw.

“I think it’s easy to stay onstage for hours if you just fiddle about with a guitar and keep your head down, but if it’s a vocal assault, then it’s harder to maintain energy levels.”

The singer has just completed work on his new album, ‘Ringleader Of The Tormentors’, which is set for release in the spring.