Demand fierce for the former King of misery...

Morrissey’s five night stand in Los Angeles has completely sold out.

Tickets for the singer’s live return at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles this April were gone within one hour of going on sale yesterday morning (March 27).

“It really isn’t about money,” he said about the shows where ticket prices ranged between $50 and $65. “It’s a nice venue and I think it’s convenient to people to come on different nights.”

He told KROQ radio in LA he expected the shows to have a different atmosphere each night. “I think it’s never the same regardless of what happens, because the audience take part so much and the audience are so lively and interesting so it never feels like the same old night, ever.”

Morrissey said he was looking forward to return to the stage, where he’ll be playing most of the material from his May 17 release, ‘I am the Quarry’.

“[Being on stage], it really is the best part because it’s like a bull being released from the pen and nobody can stop you and nobody can interfere with what you do and it’s fantastic”

Morrissey has just added another date in Anaheim, California on April 18 and says he will be on the road for most of 2004.