The new version of 'Viva Hate' contains eight bonus tracks...

Morrissey‘s debut solo album ‘VIVA HATE’ is to be re-released next month with eight bonus tracks.

The ‘Centenary Edition’ of ‘Viva Hate’ is released on February 11 via EMI. The album will be backed by previously unreleased tracks and B-sides, as well as a live version of the track ‘Disappointed’.

The trackslisting runs: ‘Alsation Cousin’

‘Little Man, What Now?’

‘Every Day Is Like Sunday’

‘Bengali In Platforms’

‘Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together’

‘Late Night, Maudlin Street’


‘Break Up The Family’

‘The Ordinary Boys’

‘I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me’


‘Margaret On The Guillotine’

‘Let The Right One Slip’

‘Pashernate Love’

‘At Amber’

‘Disappointed (live)’

‘Girl Least Likely To’

‘I’d Love To’

‘Michael’s Bones’

‘I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty’