Morrissey's album of B-sides, rarities and live tracks will be a US-only release...

Morrissey is releasing a collection of B-sides and rarities called ‘My Early Burglary Years’ – but the compilation will not be available to UK fans.

A spokesperson at Moz’s UK label Island, told that the company had no plans to release the best-of in Britain, meaning Morrissey’s UK fans will have to buy it on import.

The album is a follow up to ‘Suedehead’, the best-of singles collection he released last year. The 16-track US release, through Mercury, was chosen personally by Morrissey as an alternative run-down of his post-Smiths career.

The track listing is ‘Sister I’m A Poet (B-side to ‘Everything Is Like Sunday’), ‘Nobody Loves Us’ (from ‘Dagenham Dave’), Sunny (a CD-ROM video of the single), ‘Girl Least likely To’ (from ‘November Spawned A Monster’), ‘At Amber’ (from the UK-only release ‘Piccadilly Palare’), ‘Pashernate Love’ (from ‘You’re The One For Me, Fatty’), ‘I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty’ (from ‘My Love Life’), ‘I’d Love To’ (from ‘The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get’), ‘Black Eyed Susan’ and ‘A Swallow On My Neck’ (from ‘Sunny’), Michael’s Bones’ (from ‘Last Of The Famous International Playboys’), ‘Reader Meets Author’ and ‘The Boy Racer’ (album tracks from ‘Southpaw Grammar’), ‘Jack The Ripper’ (from ‘Beethoven Was Deaf’) and ‘Boxers’.

The set is due out in the States in May.