Watch as Morrissey covers the Ramones ‘Judy Is A Punk’

Morrissey gave the surprise performance at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre

Morrissey covered the Ramones last night (September 24) during his performance at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre.

Morrissey curated a special Ramones record store day release in 2014, with the compilation described on the RSD website as ‘Morrissey’s experience of listening to the band for the first time’.

Last night, he covered the Ramones’ ‘Judy Is A Punk’ during the encore of his performance. You can watch a fan-filmed video below.

As pointed out by Dangerous Minds, Morrissey wrote in an 1976 issue of Melody Maker, “The Ramones are the latest bumptious band of degenerate no-talents whose most notable achievement to date is their ability to advance beyond the boundaries of New York City, and purely on the strength of a spate of convincing literature projecting the Ramones as God’s gift to rock music.”

However, it was pointed out by Punk News that Morrissey later regretted his comments, stating “Three days after writing that Ramones piece, I realized that my love for the Ramones would out-live time itself. And it shall.”

Meanwhile, Morrissey launched an MPORIUM pop-up shop at Sugar Mutts Rescue this weekend. A percentage of profits will be going to the dog adoption center in Brooklyn, New York.