Morrissey gets non-vegan sandwich named after him in protest to meat ban at his gigs

The 'Pork Morrissey' was created by food vendors at Riot Fest in Chicago

Morrissey has had a meat-filled sandwich named after him in a protest to his ban of meat products at his live shows.

Last month, Morrissey performed at Riot Fest in Chicago, where food vendors were reportedly asked to stop cooking and selling meat during his two-hour set out of “respect to Morrissey and his animal rights activism”.

A local website has spoken to food vendors Puffs of Doom, who say they thought the ban was “ridiculous”, accusing the singer and his management of “bullying” small businesses.


Co-owner Luke Petillon said that he doesn’t have any issue with Morrissey’s veganism but disliked “the way he tried to push his views down the public’s throats”.

“It bullied these little businesses that are already having a hard time hacking it. What it doesn’t do is actually change anything,” he added.

Puffs of Doom has now named a sandwich in the former Smiths frontman’s honour, called the ‘Pork Morrissey’. It consists of pulled pork plus four types of cheese.

Meanwhile, Morrissey recently held a pop-up shop in a dog adoption centre in New York. A fee and percentage of all profits from the shop went towards Sugar Mutts, a non-profit organisation.