Morrissey says Australia’s plan to kill two million feral cats is ‘taking idiocy too far’

Australian government unveiled the plan in an effort to help save endangered species

Morrissey has criticised recent plans unveiled by the Australian government to cull up to two million feral cats to help save endangered species.

The pledge was made in July by the country’s Federal environment minister, Greg Hunt, who said that reduced numbers of feral cats would “halt and reverse the threats to our magnificent endemic species”.

The former Smiths frontman has now released a statement damning the plans, writing, “We all know that the idiots rule the Earth, but this is taking idiocy just too far.”


In the open letter, posted to fansite True To You, Morrissey continued, “The cats (who keep the rodent population under control) will be killed in a ferocious manner, using Compound 10/80, which is a gut-wrenching poison of the most unimaginable and lengthy horror.”

“The people of Australia would never agree to this – but of course they will not be consulted, because the Australian government as ruled by Tony Abbott is essentially a committee of sheep-farmers who have zero concerns about animal welfare or animal respect.”

“The cats are, in fact, 2 million smaller versions of Cecil The Lion. All I can say is… come, come, nuclear bomb…”


Morrissey recently claimed that Prime Minister David Cameron is the reason “why British people are never happy”.

The singer, who releases his first novel List Of The Lost in September, recently told The Daily Beast, “When the results of the recent UK election came through there was a terrible cloud of uselessness across the country… a question of why we are always stuck with this blocked regime of elitism,” he said. “This is why British people are never happy.”

Morrissey continued, “If David Cameron left British politics tomorrow he would be impossible to recall by the following week. It’s astonishing how someone can represent the entire country while also not meaning anything at all to the populace.”